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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's kind of a funny story...

So I hear it most everyday--what is the big deal with FACEBOOK? I don't get it. What can you possibly be doing with all that information.

Well I know, or at least I think I know what the origin of FACEBOOK was, but now it has developed into the most amazing communication tool since the telephone. Stop and think about it...if you have a large group of friends, how long does it take you to call each of them to share a bit of news? Well we can just plan a party or get together you might suggest. Yeah, but how many times have you even planned anything where everyone you care about could attend?

What about all the negative stuff on the feeds? What about all the drama? What about those people who are just creepers and never say anything?

All of these are great questions...but I just want you to think about this. How much time do you have to share information? How many times do you retell a story before you get a little crosseyed? How many of those great little kids do the darndest things pictures would you have to print for everyone who wants one?

I can log into my wall anytime I have a minute. I can check the feeds with my phone. I can funnel lots of my emails, conversations and scheduling through the chat, message and event calendars. I can start a conversation that pertains to a large group of people and share with them all at the same time. I can create a group that keeps everyone informed, and I am only sharing the information once. It also gives everyone I am communicating with to share their thoughts too. No one is left out...unless they want to be.

I can read about upcoming events, check out your thoughts on a movie or listen to your newest favorite song when you post about all of the above.

I can share positive lessons and helpful hints everytime they occur to me as well as gain from your experience and information.

I can get something off my chest, and it will wait for you until you are ready to read it.

The most amazing thing to me is that I can share about my nonprofit, or one of the many that I support and everyone who has a heart for it or the call to action can respond. I love the efficeincy. Is it a perfect way to get things done? Not yet. Until people start understanding that it is a communication tool and not an emotional dumpground, we will all have to put up with a little drama. Until some get that it is an advantage to tell everyone the same thing--like so many other medias have fought to do for centuries, a the same may always be some thing some don't understand. Think about the trees killed so Dear Abby, could give you advice and Kroger could share with you their low prices. Think about the NOT so real stories of television, or other media. Think about any way that the masses of people in one demographic has received their information...then tell me that this internet thing and facebook are not the best thing ever!

Everyday I see another way it can help me and one or more of the causes I work for. Everyday I learn something in an easy, when I am ready to get it way. Each day I find a way to share with someone who is having a hard time, celebrate a birthday that I would not have known or remembered without FB.

The most amazing part is those who come up and talk to me in real life, that I never hear from online. They say "I never post, I just like to read...but what you shared meant so much to me" or "I can't believe how much you do for the community" or " that was an amazing song you shared" and on and on it goes. It's not that I wouldn't have shared those things with them in person, if I had had the opporunity...but lets face it, FACEBOOK is bringing people together--24/7/365, on their time, in their comfort zone and for as much as they are willing to be a part of. It is taking down barriers of space, time and other obstacles and giving us a view that some could not ever see because they were too shy, or unsure of what to say or ask. It is allowing us to network with the people we find the most in common with. For our charities, businesses, sports teams or other groups. It is giving us the chance to learn more about people in our friends list, than ever before. It is giving us a way see past the face that we put on to deal with our lives, and show up when we want to or when we can. I am not sure how the internet will evolve yet, but ever once and awhile, I remember the first time I logged into facebook...andswered the question--what's on your mind? And I posted some silly little thing...and then right after that with zero people on my friends list, I asked "is that all there is to facebook?"

Well of course the answer was no, I had to add all of my friends, family and the world to my feed before I could see all that it was. The most amazing thing is that it is forever changing and evolving and most of the time it comes back to the time when I's kind of a funny story, and everyone could read about it at the same time.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Falling out of love, in line, online FOR REAL!!

I remember the moment, when I fell in love. Here was this amazing place with aisle after aisle of things I could afford. Prices so low that I could fill up a basket and not even come close to overdrawing my checking account.

I remember thinking this was the most amazing place I had ever seen. I remember thinking how much money I could save, I remember falling into their trap.

I had been a small town girl. I remember shopping in small stores where we always found what we needed. I can recall too when things might have not been the cheapest, but my parents taught me how to save up my chore money to buy what I wanted. Sometimes the saving it up and anticipation was even better than the plastic whatever I was wanting to buy. I remember Saturday shoping trips while staying with my grandmother, where store after store not only held the most amazing things, but felt so welcome and impressed that each store staff knew my grandmother by name. I remember too as they would offer help with whatever she might need. Getting service all the the way to the car. I remember it being such a warm and friendly transaction.

My relationship with the monster store had never been as wonderful as shopping with Mamaw, but now it's more like a dreaded trip to (fill in the place you fear or hate the most) hell. That big and magical place where I had first fallen into retail therapy heaven has now become not only a place I hate, but it has become somewhat of an abomination of the American Dream.

They lured us with promises of best deals and falling prices and saving money. They promised that our money would go further and we would be better off financially. They might have been a little less than honest about what their real motive was. I get that business is about business, but does it have to be so ruthless that it harms people in the process?

I will not give you any names here, and I will only give you some hints as to the articles I have read, and I will only tell you about what I regret. You get to make up your own mind where you go from here.

So this great/not so great place has now done an about face from where they once said they were headed. The implications are that they are a profit driven monster that has not only trained us to think of them first, but they have proven over and over again that they think of us last.

While on a recent trip, I was allowed to stand in a line for over 45 minutes while waiting to be checked out. I made a few comments to the others who seemed as disappinted as I that we could get a close parking spot, and wander around this huge collection of things we really don't need, only to not be able to get out. I also thought how strange that customer service consisted of a lady walking by me and saying in a not so customer service type voice...yeah well sorry, I just dont have any more checkers. Really? You fill your shelves with thousands of products that you convinced us that we needed, you demanded those retailers you do business with the sell to you at the price you choose, but you can't find a way to take my money, send me home and keep me happy. I am thinking our relationship days are the single digits.

Over the last several years I have heard stories about said business contracting with businesses that were really their shell companies so that they could employ illegals to do the work at sub-minimum wage. I have heard that there were mass numbers of full time employees let go to be replaced with ill-trained and revolving door accessible folks so that you could keep them at minimum wage, and under 30 hours so that your expenses for full time employees would be less. I have heard that a significant number of your employees have to rely on public assistance to feed their families. Not to mention the housing assistance and other subsidies given by local charities. I have watched as small business after small business in our little town has disappeared.

Yep, I have decided that we must be divorced. I am not much better off than I was all those years ago. I made some not so great choices in other love stories and suffered for it. But this one has run its course also. You have made more money than I could ever even imagine. And you have done it using people as pawns in your games on how to save money. You have done things that not only turn my stomach, but make me incredibly sad that I played a part in it. I have seen other big box retailers who are listening to the rumblings and the sit ins on corporate greed, but yet as I see another of your monsters going up in another local town, I don't forsee you going away anytime soon. I think it's going to take longer than it should for me to be free of you. I think you have limited my choices to some degree, but I will tell you that I am planning my exit strategy, and will get it done unless you find a way to redeem your good nature.

I demand that you quit using my neighbors as the machines to run your stores. I demand that you find a way to support the community where you do barter for the cold hard cash you desire, besides donating a tv here or there, or encouraging your employess to donate to support local charities. I further express that you need to do a better job at providing safe american made products and resonable prices.

Now don't get me wrong...I know you will not take any of this seriously. I totally get that I am even more disposable to you than those you call your assosciates. But thats ok, because I am not alone. There are many of us out there, who feel the same way. And the revolution has begun. So take note...or not, because NO, THIS blog is not about you.

This blog is about a company who has found a way to do business that makes me proud to be a customer. They have found a way to keep their products safe, American made and as organic as possible. Each product I try reminds me of when I first fell in love with the other. Each time my box arrives without me having to stand at your disposal to pay, I am reminded of the time I don't have to give you along with my money. Each time I sit down to fill out my order, and I read about the safe products for cleaning my home, I understand so much more that business can be good and just at the same time. I love that the profits are given to those who help to share the good products and the possiblity of seperation from the way we have been brain washed into commerce with the giant monster that now cares so little about me. Each time I have had the reason to call, and ask even a silly question and I am not only given the best customer service I have had since I was a customer service manager...I see myself falling in love with this new way to satisfy my retail needs.

I am also reminded over and over again, should I have a problem, there is a no questions asked money back guarantee. I am also taken back to a recent trip to said customer service counter at monster ville and treated as if I were some kind of theif because I could not locate my receipt. I politely asked the cashier who was sort of helping me if there was any way to look up my debit card purchases? And if she would like to calculate how much business she would be losing because she didn't want to refund my $2.99? I am also taken back to a time when I did have a receipt, but the item that I had purchased was definitely not the product that was in the container....yeah, that day was fun too.

I often wonder why you treat me like the worst customer you might have had while I have kept giving you the best of my shopping hours week after week. I help myself all over the store, get out of the way of your stockers when they come barreling down the aisle at me with those huge stacks of product. Product that they wouldn't even get the opportunity to work their little 30 hours to place on shelves if the customer they were just rude to, stopped shopping there. Yeah, your people don't really matter attitude has transferred over to your associates. They get that I don't matter any more than they do. They get praised for getting all that precious stuff on the shelves...and then getting out in 30 hours or less so they can go apply for food stamps, which then then bring back to your store to help you make a little more money...cuase you are going to give them a discount. Awww...aint that sweet.

No..this blog is definitely not about's about me. It's all about the fact that I am tired of the way it has been for the last 20 or so years. I hate how you are treating people in my community that I care about. I hate more that you care more about profit than you do about anything else. You have learned the game well, you have so many of us believing that you are in it for us...but it's my guess that this small movement of people is going to become larger. Maybe I will start targeting all those you have fired, find out where they are working and how their life is better without you too. Maybe I will write another blog that's not about you...yeah I am pretty sure we are done...talking, shopping or having anything to do with monster ville. Well we are closer anyway. You can leave a comment here, if you want to find out about an exit strategy too!

OK--all you soloprenuers, entreprenuers, small business owners and other folks who have fallen out of love with monster ville too...lets start a revolution. Let's find a way to shop local. To find ways to purchase that are more about made in America, let's support those who make things that are one of a kind and not so much like everyone else. Let's find those small retail contractors like our local Sears hometown store to get our appliances and housewares. Let's find the farmers market, local beef, pork, chicken producers and lets take back our home towns. Let's not rely on brand recognition but human connection to rebuild a way of life that takes us to a new level of getting more connected to our community.

I challenge you to share this, tell me what you think and join me in divorcing this outdated disounts is the only way of retail life.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I have been trying all day...

Trying and trying to write a blog post that was all that I wanted to say in a whittly and just like me style. Something that would warrant you taking time out of your day to read. A memorable type of entry that would matter and be something you wanted to share.

I started with the tell everyone off post, and it is pretty sizeable but will probably won't see the light of the internet. Next was they hey this worked for me beginning of sharing the oh so wonderful wisdom that some have said I possess. Deleted.

You see herein lies the problem. Most of my posts are still about helping someone. A sharing of the lessons that someone was so kind to test me on so I could move past some thing that was blocking me from my smile.

I see them. They are in my everyday life. Those people who are so busy being like the me of the past, I can barely even stand not sitting them down and trying to navigate a shortcut for them. Surely no one wants to suffer for as long as I did in self-pity wallowing that so was the majority of my previous life.

They are busy looking for validation, for approval, for something to complete them. It's not a bad motivator, but it doesnt really work to propel you forward.

I also see me, deleting those things that "are not about you" but worry me so that you think that they will, I still struggle with making people mad so away it goes.

I often wonder how it happens. How do we get to the age that we are and still not understand why we are here? How is it decade after decade passes us by and we are still looking for something to make us happy. When all along the happiness that eludes us was only a choice. A simple decision that was waiting for us to pick it so it could be every part of our day. Waiting with a tool bag full of tricks and gadgets that would have made all the difference in "thats our fun" account.

Seeking to find the JOB that would make our resume something to write home about, waiting on the next accomplishment or award that was going to be IT. Saying over and over again when this happens, I will be happy. When I finally find that I will be ok. If only I had this love or that car or even that friend...yep that will do it. I will have figured it out and I will be a success.

But you know what I have's not true. The seeking and wanting of things is the fire to the creative process, but it is all that is required to be a success. The journey is not about the destination, unless it is just the landing spot for the next jumping off point. That every second we are waiting on something is a waste of our life force. A pause button on our bliss. I hear it all the time, that is a great idea Pam, that is crazy that you think like do you come up with this stuff. It is because I enjoy the process, I treasure that I am connected to the larger consciousness and I let it play within me. I love that I am not afraid that you will take anything away from me. I am sad now and then when I know that a creation came through me and the ego upon which it landed doesnt even for a second acknowledge that I gifted it to them, but I truely see it as a gift and once given you must let it go, even if it was the gift of a million dollar idea. I hear them do it to others also. I don't think it's malicious conscious stealing, they just don't know how to acknowledge. I thank people all the time...I recognize and appreciate creativity, because I understand how it comes through others just as I see how it comes through me. When you clean up your center point...the receiver of messages if you will, you open yourself to the most amazing connection of life force. To say that it is a fun way to be connected and involved in the world is an understatement. Even funnier are those times when I have gifted someone a part of the creative flow that came through me and they come back to thank me for it...its so funny to remember it again.

And then there are those who are talking about how you have to have some way to record all that you you can get credit for it. Ummm, well I guess I screwed up again, because, I don't have that list even started. I just keep giving and knowing that when all my pieces are ready the story for me will be off and running...until then I just give.

But with all that being said...there is nothing that says we have to find our bliss. There is no mantra that says we only get through this life when we get through. There is no scorecard, gradesheet or graduation. There is only what we focus on. If our focus is always on what we do not have, then we will always not have. If our vision is seeing all those who might try to steal our vision if we share it then all we have is something that will be taken away. Find what you want in your life, no matter what it is. Focus on often as you can, for as long as you can. Be great at daydreaming and seeing yourself in the story that you are dreaming. Enjoy the dream, stop short of saying when I have this I will be happy or when I get that I will be ok...choose happy and ok with now.

Or not...just keep doing what is not working and complaining that it is not working. Keep basing your pauses and missteps on your fear. Keep balancing what you will do or not do on what others have done in the past. It's ok, it's your it however you chose. But don't for a second even think that your decision is mine...for you or for me. I learned what they put in front of me. I get that the only thing to fear is fear--ITSELF, thanks Dwight! I get it and I got this...and well nevermind, cause this blog is not about you!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I received a nice little nod from a fellow blogger today!

It's called the sunshine award, A blogger is given this award and then it is their job to then set out to recognize other bloggers!

I am beyond thrilled...first because it's cool to get recognition especially about something as personal as words shared with readers and then also because now I get to in turn give it away to 10 other bloggers!~!

So with this award, I answer ten questions and than pass get busy passing our my 10!

Favorite Color: bluegreen

Favorite animal: peacock

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: water with lemon

Favorite number? 17

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook,

My passion? ummm how do I pick one? job, my grands, my friends, my community work, blogging...oh heck I'm just passionate about everything!

Getting or giving presents? Both are wonderful!

Favorite pattern? polka dots

Favorite day of the week? every day...especially those I get to see my kids or grands

Favorite flower? roses

Ten blogs I LOVE in no particular order. Please check out all or at least the one that sounds most interesting:

#1) The Frugal Mom

#2) Debz Doodlez

#3) Sara Nelms Churman

#4) Barbara Clark

#5) Chaplian Lisa Lerner

#6) Coralee Flug

#7) Jennifer Reisenbichler-Wealer

#8) Leslie



Ok thats my list...please check out one or more of these blogs!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

As long as we are talking about the posts we hate...

I get that my facebook rants are not for everybody, and I get that there are many who might just think I am not for real, or there is no way that I can be this positive and happy so much of the time. I get it...don't really know what to say but, I get it.

But as long as others are allowed to say what they hate about facebook posts, let me say those that I dislike the most are the descriptions below....

So you are reading along and there are the "this is what I had for dinner", and "gosh I had a bad day at work" and those annoying "I Love My LIFE people" LOL, and then you come across those who never really say anything, they are just reposting the stuff someone else said, or the pictures that you have seen on your wall 63 times today, or those copy and pastes---yuk.

I share some, that really move me, the pics that say something I have never heard quiet like that before---but i try to limit it to just a few now and then. Because I would rather hear the real stuff, from you! But when I do share those everyone has shared, it is usually something like this...

...and I usually follow it with some of my own love for the sharing...
WOW---love this! What are you working for? How are you expressing yourself? Who notices your presence, but would miss you in your absence more.

But after the fourth or fifth on your wall, and the 6th or 7th on 30 or 40 of the 1,000 friends that I have, I might start just passing by. I guess thats ok, there are no rules that says I have to read all the stuff on my wall. Heck you can skip by all mine if you want to.

And then there are those who share not one, but 17 songs...Ummm, I got iTunes, so if its not an oldy I haven't heard in awhile or something new with a great message, or those independent new artists that songs are so special and original and amazing, I probably wont listen but athanks for sharing the first two. I want to find those that I know that I may never hear them on major radio play, but that does not mean they are not pure greatness. But while you are still thinking about the music thing, take a listen to my friend Tiffany Carlen Hurd, she is just one of those independent musicians/singers who are making great music with her own creative flair and amazing talent...Love this song!


And then there are those who seem hell bent on posting every tear jerking, i got my heart broken again whah whah whah, until I'm ready to throw up...well not really I just don't listen to them anymore. Im actually starting to really think the unsubscribe button might be pure genius.

But my biggest pet peeve of all are those that are about some "crisis" that you are not really wanting to talk about. So can I ask why you posted it on facebook? Or when I ask "whats wrong, you say well I'm not telling everyone about it"...umm yeah you kinda are, well just a tease of it anyway!! So if there are just 4 or 5 that you want to have all the details, then why not just send a private message to those 4 or 5? Why not create a group where you can have PRIVATE bitch seesions, where the only poeole who are privy to the posts are the ones in the group?--(note-thats what I have done).

The boyfriend of the week drama, gosh I love him, my life is complete, I can't believe he's not calling me back, what's wrong with me, I thought we were in love and we were together 72 of the most wonderful hours of my life.

I just deleted my latest, "I don't know how we became friends" from facebook the other day and her posts were angry, mean and all about how wonderful she was at getting yeah remind me never to make her serioulsy. Sometimes the posts are borderline illegal...shocking to say the least.

Now I guess at this time, it would be good to add in a disclaimer. I do not, I repeat DO NOT want everyone to post exactly like me. Im already in my head...and believe me, one of me running around in there is enough. But hearing what you have to say in your own voice, with your own truth and from your own real life experience...well thats just amazing. I can learn so much if you are being real, we can share humor, insight or just goofy fun...but if it's not you, then we aren't really connecting much...not that we have to.

I've heard the comments, sometimes directed at me and sometimes said indirectly directional in hopes that I would get it. But heres the thing, I no more expect you to follow my guidelines than you should expect me to change for you. The most amazing thing about humans besides how much we are all alike, is how we are all different. Confused yet? I learn daily from those who have cared enough to share their wisdom, I laugh often by those who have found their humor. Likewise I am comforted daily by those who drip with compassion. But my favorite of all are those who encourage, so naturally that it feels as if they are my own little cheerleading squad. I lived the life that was about secrets, don't piss anyone off veil and pretend like everyone and everything is ok...ummm it's not. You are as sick as you are secret.

So when Facebook was originated, it was set up to give busy college students a way to be connected. It began I think to share information, and if you watched the movie, it was about the 72 or fewer hour relationships status sharing. But some are missing it for the great tool that it is.

So here is what I think...If you take all the ways that humans have communicated since we learned to of the most constant parts of our sharing is learning,humor and sharing of troubles. The looking for the answers kind of sharing. If I share with you something that I have learned, you have the option to get the lesson too, without ever having to face the sitution. Multitasking at its best. I just learned it for all of us, mark if off your to do list. Or you can at least have the information abou the lesson when you set off to try it yourself. We learn to share those things we know people want to hear. So if the majority of the people are responding to drama, they may be recovering soap opera addicts. If the number of posts increases because you found a great "wisdom" pic to share, you are probably gathering frieds that are on a path of self discovery and life success. If you are getting the most comments after the 63rd breakup of that incidental relationship that was really just three dates, those folks are probably just glad its you and not them.

I went to the store. I just got home. I bought laundry detergent. I fed the dog. I washed my face...ugh, ugh, ugh....but I discovered something amazing is what I make it. Friends are the gift that keeps on giving. I love when someone believes in me more than I do myself, Dr. Suess said this, and I remember my grandmother used to say that is the essence of what makes facebook great. If you are of the other side, I'm ok with kinda reading what you post...wish you would lose the fear and tell me what you really think, but then again, just remember "NO, this blog is NOT about YOU!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Get a freaking grip

So--over the last few days there has been much postings on my wall and on others about facebook etiquette. And while I am not entirely sure that it is appropriate to get on a soap box about do's and don'ts for anyone else, I am here to tell you that my guidelines are pretty clear for me.

So here goes.

If you have a problem with my postings, please feel free to delete me and be done with our online interaction. But likewise when someone we know mutually sends me a note and asks did you see what Whosee~whatzit said, and I say no and then try to find out why I didn't see it, and I see that we are no longer friends, I am going to think that there is an issue, and that you did not feel that a conversation to discuss it was worth your time and I will then block you. If you cannot speak to me face to face, and we come to an agreement, then you not being able to read my posts behind the scenes should not ever be an issue.

Also if every other post that you make on your page is about calling someone out about this wrong or that wrong and you are sure that this is the best option for conflict resolution, I may do the afformentioned delete, block and disregard that I mentioned in my first paragraph. Here is my explanation. I work very hard to find the positive in everything, and viral attacks, backhanded verbal assaults and I got even tirades are just well to be blunt, so 4th grade. I really don't care about how you got your ex thrown in jail, how you cussed out your neighbor because their cat took a poo on your yard, or how so and so created drama at this place or that event. Ummm...just a clue to you, you just carried their drama and made it yours, tried to make it mine and created more of what you just said you hated.

I have been told on more than one post-delete event that my wall posts are too positive, that no one can every be that happy and that reading all my good news makes them feel worse about their life. REally? So removing someone who has come through mountains of negative, took many self help courses, hired and worked with a mentor for 13+ years to try and navigate this life without the afformentioned jealousy, envy and anger at others people's happiness, is the best step for you moving past those feelings--by all means give me the button. But just so you know, it's your choice to feel and hold onto those feelings, not mine. I was there...lived and hated most every minute of that same "gosh why can't my life be better" address, and it SUCKED--BIG TIME!!!

But instead of being angry at those who seemed to always be happy and have a life that I was jealous of, I began to ask them how it was that they were so happy. You know the stories that I heard were mind-blowing! No serioulsy! The little crappy moments that I was clinging to that I felt were wrecking my happiness were NOTHING compared to some of the struggles that these crazy happy people had been through. And you know what was the greatest thing of all? The same theme of recovery came through each story---we each have a choice the be the victim or the victorious! To hang onto the sadness or let it go by us for the feeling that it is and then turn to count our blessings. See the things that we can be grateful for no matter how small.

Here is one such post that got my dander up...facebook is a wonderful thing. It helps us keep up with old friends and connect with new ones. BUT, it also creates a false image in our minds about how perfect and amazing other people's lives are and sometimes it makes me feel like crap to read other people's updates about their wonderfully harmonious families. I really hope I'm not one of those people but just in case, my house is usually a mess, my kids are little sh*ts a lot of the time, I'm far from the perfect mother and my husband can be a real a-hole when the mood strikes him. I just had to put that out there ;)

I don't even know this person, the post was relayed to me by a third party...but read this next

Jealousy is the result of one's lack of self-confidence, self-worth, and self-acceptance. If you can't accept yourself, then certainly no one else will. - Sasha Azevedo

If you are feeling less than the child of God that you are, not reading someone's positive stuff is never going to make that better or worse. We each have the abitlity to create the life we want, not to say there won't be ups and downs, but the choice to find the lesson or the love is always ours to make. And heres the biggest clue of all, my house is often a mess, my windshield wiper is not working and leaves a crappy view when it's raining, my dog keeps chewing up my cords in my house, and I just came through an ugly divorce. I also have been struggling financially for years because of choices that I made in that previous life...and although I can see the dawn, it has not been all sunshine and tulips. But I find change that LOOK for things ALWAYS that make me smile. The laughs of my grands, the successes of my kids, the milestones of my clients, the joy in my friends lives. I got to hit all green lights on the way to work, saw 17 of the cars I want to buy today, got an amazing gift from a dear friend or got two new friends who have wonderful, happy sappy things to say on their walls all the time.

And just one more note. I have researched, asked and tried to find one example of where FACEBOOK really dropped some of my friends. Just send them an can't happen. The only way someone is removed is if they do it, they delete their page or they are hacked. And seriously does that every happen. Oh, I think I will be a random hacker and go and delete people of someones wall and then never know if there was an issue or if they were even missed. Who has time for that kind of crap?

Please don't lie--if you want to delete somebody at least have the balloons to tell them so!

I will just end this by saying, I have deleted people without explanation---don't feel like I owed them one. But likewise I would never come back later and go "I think facebook deleted you from my page, can you add me back?" I also would explain to them why I chose to remove their negativity from my life. That is not to say that if I know them socially and saw them some where that I would not be polite or acknowledge the type of friendship we do have which is acquainteces. But the people that are my friends, tell me stuff--when I screw up, when I am being a goof and when I do things right. They comment on my page, like things I write or tell me why they don't. They do not fuss that I am too happy, they say things like your posts remind me that I have so many things to be grateful for. I am done "trying" to be friends with people who don't like me. Can't believe I ever even thought "MAKING" friends was a viable way to enhance my life anyway. But when I see those people who have worked at figuring out the mechanics of a happy life, are adding positivity to my life or are at least open to trying to be a positive influence in this world, well those people I don't have to "MAKE" into friends, they got the friend thing figured out.

I have deleted people for a few reasons, the ones mentioned above, behavior that left me with a knowing that their moral compass was so far left of where mine aims, and for outright verbal vomit on facebook. To be honest I miss some of those folks for the friends I thought they were, but I don't miss the person I discovered them to really be. One of my favorite quotes comes from one a movie, and I don't remember is exactly but the gist of it is this---"The people you chose to spend time with, tell you who you are". If you see unhappiness, jealousy, drama and damage all around you, it might be time to take an inventory of your life, your friends and your facebook. But the biggest thing of all is that you are not required to make progress, find happiness or ever, ever like anything that I write--did you get the EVER_EVER!! I don't write for you--because this Blog is NOT about YOU!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Drivers that DRIVE me CRAZY and other interesting pet peeves

They are out there...and sometimes it's all I can do to just wish them a Merry Christmas or send them a heart felt God Bless You! But seriously I just wonder how the heck did they ever get a driver's license? How do they get from point A to B and not have like 13 new dings, dents and damage claims to add to their resume?

They use no signal and turn sharply in front of you, or go from 55 mph to a crawl in nothing flat---sure glad Im not responsible for their brakes.

They never see yellow...EVER---its just a lighter shade of green.

They love to drive like crazy to pass you even when it's not really safe and then just a short distance ahead slam on the brakes to stop you so they can turn left.

They drive 25 mph hour becuase they don't know where they are going and are reading all the signs except for the one that say 70mph!! (hint try driving on the shoulder or access roads)

They misunderstood the FAST lane concept and thinks it means to use when you are tired of life in the fast lane, ie lets go 40---NOTS.

They think my bumper is just another fun thing to try to run into---at 80 miles an hour as they pass me so very closely on the I really do not think you had enough room to move over, let alone leave any room for Jesus!

Oh and my all time favorite is those who feel that because they have a window that is power controlled that gives them the right to use my world as their trash dump, ash tray or garbage disposal.

OK...thats about my 5 minutes on the soap box....who are some of your favorite drivers?!